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Providing care for your child’s teeth is crucial for achieving proper development and optimal health. At Gosford Family Dentist, we offer numerous educational and preventative paediatric dental services. We also provide a variety of general dental treatments suitable for use with children.

It’s critical to make sure your children are seeing a dentist regularly. Contact Gosford Family Dentist today to schedule their next appointment!


Children’s Dentistry

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Your child’s experience at the dentist sets the tone for future visits, and their attitude towards oral health for many years to come.

With that in mind, Gosford Family Dentist fosters a comfortable, upbeat and stress free environment for children of all ages.

Instilling a positive attitude for oral hygiene begins with that first visit. By scheduling your child’s first appointment, you can set them up for a beautiful smile for years to come.
We work together with parents and children to establish proper oral hygiene habits to prevent tooth decay and other problems. Services include X-rays, oral hygiene assessments, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments and professional guidance from our friendly staff.
If you would like to book an appointment at Gosford Family Dentist, contact us or call at (02) 4325 3221.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule
At Gosford Family Dentist, we are pleased to offer the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a Medicare initiative that provides basic dental services to eligible children ranging from 2 to 17 years old.

These services typically include teeth cleaning, fillings, root canal treatments, X-rays, extractions, and fissure sealing. Please note that the Child Dental Benefits Schedule does not provide coverage for cosmetic or orthodontic work.

If your child is eligible under Family Tax Benefit Part A or Medicare, they can claim up to $1,000 in dental services over a period of two years. Children may also be eligible if they receive Australian Government payments such as Special Benefits, Parenting Payments, or Disability Support Pension. To determine if your child is eligible, you can contact Medicare directly or view your Medicare account online.

Families with eligible children will receive a confirmation letter upon determination. Eligibility is then determined in the following calendar year. All eligibility is based upon information held by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Centrelink. As such, any changes to your circumstances financially or otherwise will need to be updated with these departments to determine eligibility.

We understand that the details on these policies can be complicated. Contact us if you have any further questions.


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