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The importance of sport mouthguards: Protecting your teeth on and off the field

Whether you’re a professional athlete or enjoy playing sports recreationally, one thing is certain: dental injuries can happen when you least expect them. That’s where sport mouthguards come into play. These simple yet crucial devices can make all the difference in protecting your teeth on and off the field. 

Preventing dental injuries

One of the primary reasons sport mouthguards are so important is their ability to prevent dental injuries. A properly fitted mouthguard acts as a cushion, absorbing and dispersing the force of impact to reduce the risk of broken or knocked-out teeth, lacerations to the lips and cheeks, and damage to the jaw. Whether you’re playing contact sports like football and hockey or non-contact sports like basketball and gymnastics, wearing a mouthguard can significantly lower the likelihood of sustaining a dental injury.

Safeguarding your smile with a sports mouthguard

Your smile is one of your most valuable assets, and protecting it should be a top priority, especially for athletes. A single dental injury can result in extensive and costly dental treatment, including emergency dental care, restorative procedures such as fillings or crowns, and even tooth replacement options like dental implants. By wearing a sport mouthguard, you’re not only safeguarding your smile but also saving yourself from potential pain, discomfort, and expense down the road.

Enhancing performance

Beyond protection, sport mouthguards can also enhance athletic performance. A well-fitted mouthguard allows for clear breathing and speaking, unrestricted movement of the jaw, and improved comfort during physical activity. This can boost confidence and concentration, helping you to focus on your game and perform at your best without worrying about the safety of your teeth.

Customised comfort

While DIY mouthguards available at sporting goods stores offer some level of protection, they often lack the precise fit and comfort of a custom-made mouthguard provided by your dentist. Dentist-fitted mouthguards are individually tailored to the contours of your teeth and gums, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit that won’t interfere with your breathing or speaking. This personalised approach not only maximises your protection but also encourages consistent wear, as you are more likely to use a mouthguard that feels comfortable and fits securely. 

Long-term oral health

Investing in a sport mouthguard isn’t just about protecting your teeth in the short term; it’s also about preserving your oral health for years to come. Dental injuries sustained during sports can have lasting consequences, including tooth loss, nerve damage, and gum disease. By wearing a mouthguard, you’re taking proactive steps to safeguard your oral health and reduce the risk of future dental problems.

Mouthguards for children

When it comes to children participating in sports, protecting their developing smiles is paramount. Just like adult mouthguards, children’s mouthguards should be worn during any sport where there is a risk of dental injury. Additionally, it’s essential to regularly inspect and replace children’s mouthguards as they grow and their teeth move and change. As a general rule, children’s mouthguards should be replaced at least once a year or sooner if they show signs of wear or no longer fit properly due to teeth falling out and growth. This is something that we can monitor at your regular check ups with Gosford Family Dentist.

Contact Gosford Family Dentist for your custom-made sports mouthguard. 

Sport mouthguards play a vital role in protecting your teeth on and off the field. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, don’t underestimate the importance of wearing a sports mouthguard—it could save your smile. Visit Gosford Family Dentist today to get your custom-made sports mouthguard. 


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