Sleep dentistry: Your solution for dental anxiety

Woman nervous about the dentist | Sleep Dentistry is the solution | Gosford Family Dentist

If you feel nervous visiting the dentist, rest assured, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is a common issue, often stemming from past unpleasant experiences or an innate fear of the dentist. The resulting nervousness might even lead to missed appointments, putting your oral health at risk. Did you know there’s a solution that can significantly […]

How do I find the best family dentist?

Mother and children brushing teeth | Find the best family dentist Central Coast Dentist | Gosford Family Dentist

Looking for the best family dentist for your tribe? Whether you’ve recently relocated or are simply in search of a new dental professional for your whole family, it can be hard to know what to look for. In our latest blog, we share some helpful tips to ensure you find the best family dentist.  Does […]

Winter is the best time for a smile makeover

Woman happy after smile makeover | Gosford Family Dentist | Central Coast Cosmetic Dentist

Winter is the perfect time to get out the knit wear and curl up at home, and also the best time to work on your smile! A new smile – known as a smile makeover – can transform your appearance and improve your self-confidence. Sometimes it can take a few appointments, so if you are […]

What are the best dental habits to pick up in 2023?

Woman flossing her teeth | The best dental habits to pick up | Gosford Family Dentist Central Coast Family Dentist

With a new year, comes new resolutions for a better year ahead. It’s time to start looking after yourself and in particular, your dental health. Many patients either put off or couldn’t attend appointments throughout the pandemic. This has resulted in many people encountering problems with their teeth or gums, and increased anxiety around visiting […]

Maintain healthy gums with 6 easy tips

Woman receiving dental care for healthy gums | Gosford Family Dentists

Did you know that poor gum health leads to the development of gum disease which is quite common in Australia. In fact, 30 per cent of adults experience mild to severe gum disease. So, to keep your gums healthy, we’ve listed 6 of Dr Jake Jang’s top tips to keep your gums healthy.  1. Brush […]

How can I afford the dental care I need?

Women researching dental payment options with Gosford Family Dentist on her laptop holding a credit card | Central Coast Dentist

Many Australians are currently reassessing their budgets due to the high cost of living. Whilst a trip to the dentist can seem expensive, the longer you leave an issue, the worse it can get and therefore cost you more in the long run. But there are other ways. Did you know there is a variety […]

What’s the difference between dental bridges and crowns?

Women in dentist chair smiling getting dental bridge

Over time, the enamel on our teeth wears away. Drinking acidic beverages like coffee and soft drinks, clenching our teeth, and sporting injuries can all impact the shape and condition of our teeth over time.  The Australian Government’s Institute of Health and Welfare reports that Australians aged 15 and over will have an average of […]

Twilight sedation can help your fear of the dentist 

Women in dentist chair with worried face, fear of the dentist and twilight sedation

Going to the dentist can be intimidating for many people. You may have grown up with a fear of dentists or had a bad experience as a child or teenager. Anxiety can cause you to miss or cancel an appointment and in turn fail to maintain good oral health. This can lead to more serious […]

What if I need a tooth filling?

Women getting check up or tooth filling from female dentist at Gosford Family Dentist Central Coast

Are you experiencing tooth pain or discomfort? Worried you need a tooth filling? Maybe you have you missed a few checkups? If so, it’s important to visit your family dentist at your earliest convenience. By acting quickly, you can prevent or ease pain, and potentially avoid tooth damage. However, if you leave it too long […]

Introducing our Gosford Dental Implant Centre

Gosford Dental Implant Dentist working

We are excited to announce our new Gosford Dental Implant Centre. At Gosford Dental Implants, we provide a comfortable and considered approach to implant dentistry for a healthy and beautiful smile. Our centre offers many options for dental implants.  these include screw and cement-retained implant supported crowns, and 3-unit tooth supported bridges. Dental implants are suitable […]