Teeth Fillings

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Tooth fillings are a common treatment to repair worn, damaged or decayed teeth. Fillings not only restore the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, but also help prevent decay and infection, and they improve biting or chewing action.

Types of tooth fillings

Advances in dentistry have made unsightly amalgam fillings (which were often made from a mixture of mercury, silver, tin, and copper) a thing of the past. At Gosford Family Dentist, we offer either a composite filling or a more traditional ceramic or porcelain filling.

Composite fillings

Composite fillings (also known as ‘white fillings’) are stronger than amalgam fillings and are a popular choice for repairing small- to medium-sized cavities.

These fillings are made from a composite resin (a liquid substance made from plastic and glass particles). The resin is inserted into the cavity as a paste, moulded to the shape of your natural tooth, then set with a dental curing light that makes it harden.

With a natural-looking appearance, composite fillings are ideal for restoring teeth in more visible locations such as the front of the mouth.

Ceramic or porcelain fillings

Ceramic or porcelain fillings are recommended to restore moderately damaged teeth toward the back of the mouth. These fillings mimic the colour of a natural tooth and are made from extremely hard and durable materials that withstand strong biting and grinding pressure.

Ceramic or porcelain fillings are also less likely to stain, so are particularly suitable for smokers and coffee drinkers.