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How much do veneers cost?

How much do veneers cost?

Suffering from chipped, cracked or discoloured teeth? Looking for a way to boost your confidence and get that pearly white smile? You’re not alone. Rising in popularity with the help of social media influencers and celebrities, veneers have become one of the most sought-after cosmetic dental procedures. While there’s an initial investment, veneers can provide great value for money when you consider their lifespan and benefits. The cost of veneers depends on the type of material, how many teeth require veneers, and your chosen dentist. Whether you choose a porcelain or resin shell, the design of veneers will mimic the appearance and texture of your natural tooth and are incredibly durable. Read on to discover the other benefits of veneers for your smile.

Do veneers really add value to your smile?


Porcelain veneers generally last between 10-20 years, and resin veneers up to eight years. To ensure you get the most of your veneers, we recommend brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily to remove any food particles. Allowing plaque to build up can damage the appearance of your veneers, and ultimately compromise the lifespan.


We’re not all blessed with beautifully white and straight natural teeth. And, even if we are, over time, our teeth change and discolour. Whether it’s the natural shape or the beautiful white glow, veneers provide a range of benefits to those looking to enhance their smile. The procedure’s ‘tailored-for-you’ approach allows your dentist to create a natural-looking and long-lasting smile.

Easy maintenance

Unlike other cosmetic dental procedures that require significant time and attention, veneers function just as your normal teeth do and therefore require minimal maintenance. Brush twice every day with a gentle toothpaste, floss daily, and attend regular check-ups with your dentist. It’s that simple.

Smile health

Unlike the more well-known benefits, many are unaware of the support veneers can provide to the health of your smile. From aligning your bite to closing minor gaps between the teeth, veneers will ensure your smile is not just looking great, but feeling great too.


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