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The history of Gosford Family Dentist & Dr Jake Jang

Gosford Family Dentists is proud to be one of the longest operating dental care practices on the Central Coast. Opening our doors in the early 1970s, Gosford Family Dentists has always been focused on providing high-quality dental services. When the previous dentist was looking at retiring, he bonded with Dr Jake Jang, knowing he would uphold the Gosford Family Dentist values and quality. 

Patient experience is paramount to Dr Jake. He wanted to create a welcoming and comfortable space for his patients and team. When completing renovations in 2016, Dr Jake focused on creating a functional practice, ensuring there was dedicated space to introduce the latest dental equipment, a warm welcoming reception and waiting area, and modern rooms for treatment. 

Our team

Since 2015, Dr Jake Jang and Malina have been welcoming patients to Gosford Family Dentists. For them, their patients aren’t just patients, they are considered their closest friends and families. It’s not only about caring for their oral health but being there to hear about their day, celebrate the milestones of their lives and more. The Gosford Family Dentists team believe it is a privilege to look after long standing families who have been coming into the practice for many years, some for over 40 years. They also love meeting new patients and getting to know them, with most new patients discovering them through recommendations, which is a testament to their dedication and high-quality care. 

Our practice

You deserve the best in comfort and care. Our treatment rooms have ceiling-mounted TVs and noise-cancelling headphones so that patients can relax and enjoy some music, or even catch up on their favourite Netflix movies or TV series during their appointment. 

Patients also experience the latest technology in dental diagnostics, including a Sirona Cone Beam CT 3D imaging and panoramic X-ray machine, to conduct virtual imaging in-house. By using this ultra-fast, low-radiation scan, we can see high-definition diagnostics of the patient’s teeth, mouth, jaw, sinus, and airways in real time from your chair as we discuss any dental problems and recommended treatments.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is perfect for veneers and other cosmetic procedures, as we can place temporary models in your mouth so you can be sure you love your new look. With this technology, you can test drive your new smile with advanced technology. Dr Jake creates bespoke smiles for each individual patient. Because each mouth is different and each case personalised, your new smile is personally designed by Dr Jake. 

Gosford Family Dentists has also expanded and is now home to Gosford Dental Implants. Our dentists use computer-guided technology to place dental implants more accurately and safely, reducing post-treatment pain and swelling. Crowns and bridges can be added to implants during a single appointment.

Recognised for our commitment to providing our patients with professional, safe, hygienic, and quality oral care, Gosford Family Dentist has been awarded an independent Quality Innovation Performance accreditation. This means that we have policies and procedures in place that meet the stringent requirements of governing industry standards. 

Get to know Dr Jake and Gosford Family Dentists 

Delivering the latest in cosmetic and dental care, with a caring and attentive service that’s earnt a stellar reputation in the local Central Coast community, we’d love you to experience the Gosford Family Dentist difference. To book with Gosford Family Dentist or Gosford Dental Implants, contact our friendly team on 4325 3221 or enquire online to book your appointment. 


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