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Emergency dentists – What to do when you’re in pain.

Mouth pain: it’s frustrating and uncomfortable. Most mouth pain, often arising from teeth sensitivity or cavities, develops slowly over time. Dental emergencies on the other hand, such as a knocked-out or infected tooth, can happen at any time, without warning. When faced with a dental emergency, knowing what to do and when to contact an emergency dentist can make all the difference to your recovery.

But what constitutes a dental emergency? And, what do you do if you’re in pain and need instant relief? 


What to do in a dental emergency

If you’re experiencing pain, it’s important to get it checked out as soon as possible, and avoid ‘waiting until next time’. If you have sore gums, severe toothache, or a knocked-out tooth, contact an emergency dentist. While you’re waiting to see your dentist, there are a few things you can do to temporarily relieve the pain or minimise further damage. 

Sore gums or ulcers

If you’ve noticed ulcers forming on your gums, this could be an early sign of infection. The best way to reduce the spread of infection in your mouth is to gargle saltwater. Salt is highly effective in killing bacteria and can be the difference between a minor infection and a severe infection. Simply mix a heaped spoonful of salt with lukewarm water and then gargle. 


No matter your pain level, everyone with a toothache wants it gone. While you wait for your emergency appointment with Gosford Family Dentist, take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and temporarily help subdue the pain. Avoid sugary, hot, or cold foods and drinks during this time to avoid further pain and discomfort.

Knocked-out tooth

As adults, we don’t have the luxury of our teeth growing back after one falls out. So, if you’ve had an accident, call for an emergency dental visit immediately. In preparation for your visit, store the tooth in a container with milk or your own saliva. This is essential to ensure your tooth stays alive and can be reattached. Avoid touching the roots of the tooth, which can be easily damaged, and handle the top of the tooth or crown only. 


Contact Gosford Family Dentist in emergencies

Gosford Family Dentist is on call for any type of dental emergency. If you’re experiencing pain, contact our friendly reception staff on (02) 4325 3221 and we’ll make time to see you immediately.

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