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Dr Kashmina joins the Gosford Family Dentist team

We are delighted to announce the very experienced and talented Dr Kashmina Farha has joined our Gosford Family Dentist practice. 

Dr Kashmina has always been passionate about healthcare. After completing a degree in Biomedical Engineering, she realised that she wanted to directly provide care to patients, which led her to follow her dream of becoming a dentist. 

After graduating from La Trobe University in Victoria, with a Masters in Clinical Dentistry, Dr Kashmina then gained experience whilst working in family dentist practices in both Victoria and NSW.

With a kind and gentle approach, Dr Kashmina believes in minimally invasive dentistry and preventative care. She takes the time to educate her patients on the best dental habits and how to maintain their oral hygiene. She loves to connect with her patients and hear their stories. Her holistic approach to health means she considers a person’s lifestyle and who they are when providing care. 

Dr Kashmina has loved joining the Gosford Family Dentist team, believing that when you work in a good team, it allows you to focus on the patient and provide the highest quality care in a comfortable and calm environment. Dr Jake and Dr Kashmina enjoy discussing the latest Dentist Journals together, always seeking out the newest and best techniques and technologies.  

When she’s not busy in the practice, Kashmina enjoys playing badminton with friends, spending time outdoors and out on the water kayaking, swimming or snorkelling! 

And what’s Dr Kashmina’s top advice for patients? 

“Persistence is key. Everyone will have highs and lows with motivation with oral health, and seeing your dentist helps reinforce goals, maintains good dental hygiene and encourages consistency.”

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Come in and meet Dr Kashmina. At Gosford Family Dentist, our professional dentists are ready to provide professional and quality care for you and your family. Contact our friendly team at Gosford Family Dentist on 4325 3221 or enquire online to find out more.

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