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The dental technology changing your check-ups

At Gosford Family Dentist, we continue to invest in new technologies to improve our diagnostics, accuracy, care and service, as well as helping reduce any anxiety that our patients may have. You may be surprised to learn that many futuristic technologies are available to our patients right here in our Central Coast dental practice in Gosford.

1. 3D imaging and panoramic X-rays

We offer the latest technology for dental diagnostics, including a Sirona Cone Beam CT 3D imaging and panoramic X-ray machine, to conduct virtual imaging in-house. By using this ultra-fast, low-radiation scan, we can see high-definition diagnostics of your teeth, mouth, jaw, sinus, and airways safely in real-time from your chair as we discuss any dental problems and recommended treatments. 

2. Ceiling mounted television with Netflix streaming 

While you leave your smile to us, why not lay back, relax and catch up on your favourite TV show, documentary or movie on Netflix? Our ceiling mounted TVs provide an excellent distraction during any dental treatment, especially for kids or people who fear the dentist. Plus, benefit from noise-cancelling headphones to make your sensory experience even better. 

3. Computer-guided implant assessment and placement

Gosford Family Dentists use computer-guided technology to place dental implants more accurately and safely and maximise success rates. Using this technology also reduces post-treatment pain, trauma, and swelling, and ensures the ideal functional and aesthetic result. 

4. Low radiation digital X-rays

Today, we give our patients peace of mind by offering digital X-rays that develop much faster and reduce radiation exposure by up to 90%. This makes it much safer for you, as well as our dental professionals. The images can be enlarged and displayed on a computer screen, enabling us to review them with you easily. 

5. Digital smile design

Test drive your new unique smile with digital smile design (DSD) — advanced technology that enables our dentists to use 3D imaging to design your smile and give you an idea of the potential results. DSD involves taking a photograph of you, then using our computer scanning software called iTero Element 5D Plus Lite Cart to show you what you could look like after cosmetic procedures such as Invisalign ®. Dr Jake Jang and his dental team use this technology to design customised smiles and provide comfort to patients who may not like getting tooth impressions taken. 

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