What to do when you have cavities

Dental Check up patient

Has your mouth been aching or causing you discomfort? This may be a sign that you have a cavity. Caused by an excess of sugar-consuming bacteria in your mouth, cavities form by softening the hard layer of enamel and dentin on your teeth. Your saliva will then continue to dissolve these layers, causing a hole […]

Five tips to ensure the best dentistry for children

Children grow up fast. As parents, keeping up with pediatrician appointments, regular immunisations, and attending to daily injuries, can be overwhelming. So we forgive you if a visit to the dentist isn’t at the top of your to-do list. But, studies prove why dentistry for children is so important. Tooth decay is the most common […]

What to do when you need emergency dental work

Accidents can happen to anyone, at any time, and in any place and can cause serious damage to our teeth. Only around one in three dental injuries are sports-related, which proves you don’t need to have your head in a ruck to lose a tooth. Sometimes we receive a knock or bump to the face […]

Paediatric dentistry: When should your child see a dentist?

While it’s easy to assume your child doesn’t need to see a dentist until they have a full set of teeth, it’s important to remember that dentistry isn’t just about teeth. It’s about whole mouth health including gums and lips. Many babies begin teething at around three months old, with the first teeth appearing some […]