Gosford Family
Dentist has
treated patients
on the Central
Coast since the
early 1970’s

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In December of 2016 we took some steps to improve practice functionality and patient comfort.

At Gosford Family Dentist, we offer our patients the best in modern dentistry in a newly renovated dental clinic. Our patients have given the renovations rave reviews as they come in for their appointments.

Dr Jake Jang showing a young girl seated in the dentist chair how to brush her teeth
Mother and child in dentist chair at Gosford Family Dentist with Dr Jake Jang
Reception area at Gosford Family Dentist dental clinic Central Coast NSW
Emergency Dentist Gosford Central Coast NSW
Treatment room at Gosford Family Dentist Central Coast NSW
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A few highlights
our patients can
expect as they
frequent Gosford
Family Dentist:

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Patients no longer need to go off-site and see a radiologist to have a full mouth dental X-ray taken. We now have a separate X-ray room, equipped with a panoramic X-ray machine. Patients can view their X-rays and photos in-chair, during a diagnosis to further understand their specific situation and treatment options available.

X-ray images can be enlarged and displaced onto a computer screen. This exposes patients to about 90 percent less radiation, while allowing us to formulate a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

This technology allows us to safely place implants in a minimally invasive environment, reducing patients’ post-operative pain and swelling. Implants can be placed more accurately than ever before, and teeth can be added over the top on the same day.

We have Zoom Whitespead, the quickest and easiest way to effectively whiten your teeth. This is the only in-office whitening system with a variable intensity setting to maximize patient comfort. WhiteSpeed is safe, effective, and clinically proven to whiten up to eight shades for a brighter smile in just one visit.

We want our patients to be comfortable and relaxed while in the dental chair. With this in mind, we have noise cancelling headphones, ceiling mounted TV’s in our treatment rooms. You can drowned out interruptions and equipment noise, while you relax in the dentist chair.


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At Gosford Family Dentist, we pride ourselves on the level of care we provide our patients, and that means protecting them by following the strictest sterilization standards. Everyone should have access to the safest, healthiest conditions during their visit to our Gosford dental clinic.

With that in mind, we have invested in the best sterilization equipment available. All our instruments are cleaned and sterilized in accordance with the current Australian Dental Guidelines. Our equipment is TGA approved and tested, calibrated, and maintained by fully qualified service personnel on a regular basis.

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We are delighted to feature artwork from our talented patients, close friends and aboriginal artists.

These renovation enhancements to our practice allow us to better serve our patients with the best technological advances in the industry. Take advantage of the best technology available in modern dentistry, and make your appointment at Gosford Family Dentist today!

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    Gosford Family Dentist Accreditation

    Gosford Family Dentist has been awarded a Quality Innovation Performance accreditation from one of Australia’s premier healthcare accreditation organisations for dental practices.

    Achieving this independent accreditation means that we have policies and procedures in place that meet the requirements of governing industry standards. Additionally, we are recognised for our commitment to providing our patients with professional, safe, and quality oral care.

    To find out more about our accreditation visit the QIP website www.qip.com.au.